The Freedom Fighter’s Manual (Published by the CIA)

The Freedom Fighter’s Manual
Published by the CIA

Archived from CNN’s web-site :

This illustrated document, prepared by the CIA in 1983, was meant to guide the
anti-Sandinista “Contra” forces, as well as other Nicaraguans opposed to the
Sandinistas, in “paralyzing the military-industrial complex of the Marxist state”.

Thousands of the manuals were air-dropped over Nicaragua from hot air balloons
sent by the CIA from Honduras.

Recommending these dirty tricks be carried out by “cells” of no more than two
people, the manual provides instruction in sabotage — using available equipment
or no equipment at all. Simple illustrations also show ways to passively resist
the government — as well as supplying instructions on how to make explosives
and “Molotov cocktail” gasoline bombs.

The manual came to light in 1984, after an American journalist obtained a copy
from a Contra in Honduras.

The portions dealing with explosive and incendiary devices have been omitted.