Ukrainian aircraft losses

Date Location Losses Sources
26 Apr 2014 Kramatorsk airfield 1 helicopter Ukraine’s Defense Ministry says a grenade fired from a launcher caused an explosion in a helicopter at an airfield outside the eastern city of Kramatorsk, wounding a pilot. (April 26)
2 May 2014 Slovyansk 2 Mi-24, 1 Mi-8 Pro-Russian forces in Slovyansk have shot down two Ukrainian helicopter gunships after Kiev launched an operation against the separatist stronghold that was condemned by Russia.Ukraine’s Defence Ministry said on Friday “unknown groups” had shot down two Mi-24s, while an Mi-8 transport helicopter was also damaged. Mi-8 damaged
5 May 2014 Slavyansk 1 Mi-24 A Ukrainian helicopter has been shot down over the pro-Russian stronghold of Slavyansk as the security situation in the country continues to worsen. Ukraine’s defence ministry said the pilots survived. The helicopter, an Mi-24, came under fire from a heavy machine gun and crashed into a river.
29 May 2014 Slavyansk 1 Mi-24 (transport) A Ukrainian military [transport] helicopter has been shot down in Slovyansk, killing 14 people including an army general, as rebels and government forces continued fierce battles in the country’s east.
3 Jun 2014 Slavyansk 2 helicopters Ponomaryov also said two Ukrainian army helicopters had earlier been downed by the self-defense forces. The Ukrainian armed forces have confirmed that two of their helicopters were forced down. 4 June 2014, 11:11 GMT
3 Jun 2014 Slavyansk 1 Antonov AN-30/26, 1 Su-25 Self-defense fighters in Slavyansk, eastern Ukraine, downed two Ukrainian army jets on Tuesday, according to people’s mayor Vyacheslav Ponomaryov. “Yesterday evening, around 10 pm (local time), a second Ukrainian jet was downed. It’s not yet clear which exactly. It fell somewhere near a brick factory,” Ponomaryov said, adding the pilot managed to eject from the aircraft and escape from self-defense forces.
A spokesman for Ukraine’s “Anti-terrorist operation” or ATO, later confirmed a plane had been shot down but said it was an An-26 transportation plane carrying humanitarian aid.
4 Jun 2014 Semyonovka near Slavyansk. 1 helicopter According to Ponomaryov, Another helicopter was shot down on June 4 after a regular air strike on the settlement of Semyonovka near Slavyansk.
5 Jun 2014 Yampol, near Krasny Liman 1 Mi-24 The self-defense forces of Slavyansk have shot down a fourth helicopter belonging to the Ukrainian army in the last three days, the commander of Slavyansk self-defense forces, Igor Strelkov, told RIA Novosti. “The Mi-24 was shot down Thursday near the village of Yampol near the town of Krasny Liman, where the militia and the army are fighting,” he said. 5 June 17:53 GMT
14 Jun 2014 Lugansk Il-76 jet – Illyushin heavy transport self-defense forces took down a Ukrainian military Il-76 jet as it was landing in Lugansk, news website reported, citing an army source. 14 Jun . The killing of the 40 soldiers and nine crew was the deadliest strike on Ukrainian forces since separatists seized government buildings on April 6. The IL-76 aircraft went down as it approached Luhansk airport at 1:10 a.m. local time under anti-aircraft and machine-gun fire, authorities including the Kiev-based Prosecutor General’s Office said today.
14 Jun 2014 Horlivka 1 Su-25/24 Rebels claimed to have shot down an SU-25 fighter jet over Horlivka, according to Russia’s Interfax news service. The pilot ejected and was captured, it said. forces in eastern Ukraine have allegedly downed another plane – a SU24. The pilot is alive and currently being taken for questioning, RIA Novosti reports. 14 June 2014, 09:48 GMT
19 Jun 2014 Yampol, near Krasny Liman 1 Su-25 Self-defense forces of the Donetsk’s Republic claim to have taken down a Ukrainian Su-25 plane in the battle for the village of Yampol in the north of Donetsk region, militia headquarters told RIA Novosti. June 19 22:36 GMT
21 Jun 2014 Kharkiv region 1 Mi-8 Ukranian authorities are investigating a helicopter crash that killed three crew members over the weekend. They were involved in a military operation against pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. The reason for the accident in the Kharkiv region remains unknown. The Mi-8 vanished from radar screens on Saturday but was only found on Sunday. (Euronews)
24 Jun 2014 Bylbasovka, near Slavyansk 1 Mi-8 The technicians had been returning from setting up specialised equipment when their Mi-8 cargo helicopter was struck by a rebel missile near Slaviansk in eastern Ukraine, government forces spokesman Vladyslav Seleznyov said. “There were 9 people on board. According to preliminary information … all those on board were killed,” Igor Strelkov: 19:45 [The downing of the helicopter] has just been confirmed. This is the tenth helicopter destroyed by our forces.
1 Jul 2014 Snezhnoye, Donetsk 1 bomber jet Near the village of Snezhnoye, a Ukrainian bomber jet was shot down by an anti-aircraft battery, militia claimed. Andrey Lysenko, chairman of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, denied the claim, saying all military hardware is “in good shape and performing combat duties.”
1 Jul 2014 Luganskaya, Lugansk 2 fighter jets 19:02 GMT: Self-defense forces say they have shot down two government strike-fighter jets during an engagement in Lugansk. “Five government planes flew over the Cossack settlement of Luganskaya and dropped bombs,” said Vladimir Inogorodskiy, the press secretary of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Lugansk. “After we brought down two of them, the other three managed to get away.” Earlier, separatist units in the Donetsk Region claimed they also shot down a government plane.
11 Jul 2014 Perevalsk, Lugansk 1 Su-25 14:32 GMT: Self-defense forces downed a military aircraft on Friday near the town of Perevalsk, in the eastern Ukaine’s Lugansk region. It was supposedly an attack plane, a spokesperson for the Lugansk People’s Republic said.
13 Jul 2014 Kozhevnya 1 Mi-24 July 13 08:33 GMT: Ukrainian troops deny earlier reports by self-defense forces, claiming they downed a Ukrainian MI-24 military helicopter near the village of Kozhevnya. “All aircrafts – planes and helicopters – engaged in the operation, are in working condition. None of them have been shot down over the last three days,” Andrey Lysenko, spokesman at the information center for Ukraine’s Security and Defense Council, told RIA Novosti.
14 Jul 2014 Davydo-Mykilske, Lugansk 1 An-26 transport July 14 15:40 GMT: The crew of a Ukrainian Antonov An-26, which was “shot down while fulfilling tasks as part of the active part of the anti-terrorist operation” has established contact with the General Staff, Ukrainian Defense Minister Valery Geletei reported to President Petro Poroshenko.
14 Jul 2014 Krasnodon and Lisichyansk, Lugansk 2 Su-25 July 14 11:13 GMT: Self-defense forces of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic have downed two Ukrainian jets, Aleksey Toporov, press secretary of LPR’s Defense Ministry, told RT. An Su-25 fighter jet was downed near the town of Krasnodon, Toporov said. He said he could not yet give details on the second jet, which he said was downed near the town of Lisichyansk.
23 Jul 2014 Dmitrovka, Donetsk 2 Su-25