Plan B: a War Economy

With the economic press saying that despite a record high stock market, the risk of a hedge fund getting its hedges wrong is rising fast, and that an economic melt-down will certainly follow, and the geopolitical situation being one of the US pushing recklessly hard on all fronts, (see all today’s posts), is it any wonder that the two catastrophes seem to be lining up to happen simultaneously? – I think not.

I think Plan B has been to run the National Debt up as far as it can go, and when the collapse happens, to start WW3 and put the US onto a War Economy .

A War Economy has many advantages for the President:

  • much more control over the economy with factories and workers being ordered to produce tanks and APCs instead of cars (which no one can afford to buy anyway)
  • all able-bodied men and women to be conscripted to join the armed forces (instead of protesting on the streets about their education debts)
  • a massive increase in surveillance and a crack down on free speech, especially of the unpatriotic kind, and the closure of unpatriotic/subversive web sites and non-MSM/TV channels
  • the internment of aliens
  • delegation of “emergency powers” to a militarised police force, to keep order on the streets
  • the creation of a new currency (and (temporarily, of course) forgetting about the National Debt)

Of course WW3 has to appear the real reason for the Emergency, so that’s why the Commander-in-Chief has to have tensions/fears wound up to the point of War on several fronts.

It would be no surprise to see a war any day now with Russia, or China, or North Korea, or Iran, or Venezuela, and there’s always the possibility of Iraq and Syria and Yemen and Afghanistan and Ukraine and Georgia flaring up again.

Then in a blaze of patriotic fervor we can “Make America Great Again” by attacking on all fronts and invading all those countries that have been reduced to chaos by past interventions.

Maybe grab a few oil wells along the way – what’s not to like?