Nuclear power site choice

Just 16 Km from the tidal lagoon at Matagorda on the Texas coast, and 10 Km from the tidal estuary of Tres Palacois Bay is the South Texas Nuclear Generating Project, which is the third biggest nuclear facility in the US at 2.7 GW capacity.  It is on the flood-plain and only 8 metres above sea level.

South Texas Project

It is only 5 Km from the Colorado River, which Google Street View shows being bridged by a low bridge, with a new high bridge being constructed. GoogleEarth shows the new high bridge completed and the low bridge removed.

Colorado Bridges

My questions are:

What is the height of flood waters now? 

Is the nuclear power station safe from flooding?

And will the vast artificial water reservoir be able to withstand being over-topped by the rains?

– “we are monitoring it” is not good enough. “This is the biggest flood in history” is not good enough. proudly say they are running at full capacity with a skeleton staff of 250 and monitoring the flood situation continuously.

Elsewhere at Crosby, TX, Arkema Inc who make chemicals used in the pesticide industry have had to close  after Tropical Storm Harvey knocked out power and flooding swamped its backup generators.  (Sounds familiar – didn’t Fukushima have a similar problem before they had a triple meltdown?).  Various chemicals that require storage at cool temperatures have been moved to refrigerated vehicles and are being monitored.  Arkema said the situation at the plant “has become serious”. No doubt when it all blows up they will say the contamination will be effectively diluted by all the floodwater.

No nuclear power station should be put in a stupid flood-prone area like this – its just asking for trouble, whatever the happy smiling faces on FaceBook say.