UNSC condemns NK but doesn’t sanction

Obviously Russia and/or China threatened a veto if more sanctions were applied.

And clearly Japan was not ready to shoot the missile down as they were testing their PAC-3 anti-missile missile in joint US-Japan exercises. PAC-3 is incapable of reaching to the height necessary (550 Km), although they could defend against missiles aimed at Japan.

Still no one has pointed out that the missile was probably aimed at Hawaii, where there are also important US bases.  The launch position was left vague and “over Cape Erimo” is vague.

US missile defense is in high gear, with another successful test hitting a target fired from Hawaii.

Kim is playing his asymmetric psychological warfare part so well, anyone would think he was being advised by Putin.


U.N. Condemns North Korea’s Latest Missile Tests, but Takes No Action

29 August 2017

The United Nations Security Council condemned on Tuesday North Korea’s recent missile tests, including one that sent a ballistic missile soaring over Japan, as “outrageous actions.” But it gave no indication that it was prepared to take tougher measures against Pyongyang, which called the latest launch a “curtain-raiser.”

The 15 members of the Security Council met for nearly four hours in an emergency session to discuss a response to the North’s latest test, which sent an intermediate-range ballistic missile over the Japanese island of Hokkaido. They unanimously adopted a statement condemning that launch and three others on Saturday, calling them “not just a threat to the region but all U.N. member states.”

But nothing in the statement suggested the council was ready to further toughen the eight sets of sanctions it has imposed on the North, and it was unclear what additional action, if any, might be taken.

Nikki R. Haley, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, said the statement showed that “the world is united against North Korea.” She hinted at a possible American response, saying that “the United States will not allow this lawlessness to continue.”