Tanks in Mariupol, 9 May 2014

Mariupol – Platinum Bank corner

3 tanks,(#200, #241 and #242) and later a fourth, crash through street barricades:

Tank #205 comes back the other way and is stopped by civilians, but gets going again:

Another view of the same thing: #240, #241 pass OK, #205 and #242 temporarily stopped. Up the street unarmed civilians face off very professional-looking troops, ending up with 4 civilians shot, 1 dead, and troops withdraw:

At least 3 tanks blocked by civilians, shooting starts:

Tank #240 (type BMP-2) stopped, apparently broken down, and surrounded by civilians shouting at the troops (pro-Kiev) on board:

Troops dismounted from #240, guarding it:

#204 tows #240 to new position (at 3:30):

More tank movements and #240 abandonned:

It was surrounded by civilians who started to ransack it. Someone fired the tank’s cannon, (they don’t call it an autocannon for nothing !) and it blew a big chuck of bricks out of a building across the intersection. One old man was hurt by flying debris:

Tank #240 is towed to a new location by a truck:

Tank #240 appears in Vice News report 36 (at 7 minutes in) still full of 33 mm shells:

Tank is doused with fuel:

and ends up on fire. Some professional-looking firemen try to put it out with water, but it still burns: